stryker_fo (stryker_fo) wrote in us_soldiers,

Welsome to US Soldiers Support and General Chat Journal

Welcome to the Journal and hope everyone enjoys their membership to this Journal. My goal is to provide a hassle free Journal for all US Soldeirs and Spouses and to cut Drama to a minimum. I have been a member of online forums for around 8 Years and have dealt with a variety of issues and problems. I am dedicated to help anyone that needs help that is within my reach. This community is based off of integrity. Please feel free to post and tell your stories here without any idea of criticism since a fake military story is easy to pick out the Fraudulent facts and problems. Any of you that join that have had any tiem in the Army or Military know what I am talking about so lets all sit down have a cup of coffee and get along and have as much fun as LJ can afford.
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I just sent a request to join this community, what with being an American Soldier and all.
Ako validated and welcome to the journal hope you enjoy your stay make a post please and let us know something about you and your mos, unit nothing opsec dont worry I would not ever ask you to violate opsec or any other security concerns.