Nicki (mommanicki) wrote in us_soldiers,

sometimes being an adult sucks

don't you just wish you go back to being like 5 where the hardest decision you ever had to make was whether to eat the paste or not?

Anywho, this does lead into a question (however hypothetical) that does relate to this community.

A couple years ago I was on active duty in Germany. I loved it. I met my husband there (another soldier) and we got engaged and shortly after that we got pregnant. My husband was already in the process of going through ETS and getting out. My pregnancy was really bad and I spent a HUGE amount of time in German hospital. My commander at the time was really not a very good leader and my unit was less than well functioning. I was basically told to leave the military (taking a pregnancy chapter). Being that I was young, I basically did was what recommended and left. I chose to join a local reserve unit in my husbands home state of Michigan (which was also a sub par unit) and eventually just got out completely. I worked at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin for a few years as an Army civilian before moving back to CT my home state and taking a purely civilian position with an insurance Company (almost everyone in CT works in insurance in some way or another because we are the insurance capital, everyone has a home office here and the benefits/pay are amazing comparitively). Every few months I get the feeling of not being challenged, of not belonging. I miss the Army--specifically active duty. My Husband and I have two beautiful children now and we own a house and have good jobs but neither of us really feels "happy" about our lives. We miss the hooah and all that jazz. I recently found out that if i were to reenlist i can get a LOT of money and stuff. so i have been toying with the idea of doing it. Everyone in my family is very concerned. What if i get deployed etc. At this point, i am so bored with my day to day that i just don't know what to do. I have a tendency to get bored quick and forget all the reasons why i made a specific decision and then when i go back to where i used to be i realize how much i hated it in the first place and can't understand why i go back in the first place (re; moving back to CT from MI) I have spoken with several recruiters, my 1sg uncle, my 1sg ret Grandfather, my e3 brother and a slew of others, but no one seems to be able to sway me either way. i just don't know what i want to do! it's making me miserable. any suggestions?



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minor introduction: darcy, new recruit(spelling is probably wrong)
my uncle did the exact same thing. He was first a Marine, went civilian, hated it and went Army. Sometimes civilian life sucks. I know, and I haven't even left for boot yet.
Have you asked your kids yet what they think? You may be surprised by their answers. Who knows, they may think it's cool that mom is a military chick!
If you dislike what you are doing currently, change it! despite what everybody else thinks, you are the ultimate factor in this decision